Local move

Note:If you have more stops,please enter the details into the 'Anything else?' textbox down below.

Please list you furniture in the box below.Try your damdest to make it accurate and comprehensive. Be sure to let us know if there are any exceptionally valuable,fragile or unwieldy items so we can be prepared.Also,please list specific items w2ithin a furniture set.If you realize you forgot something later on, just send us a note!

Please mention anything else you should know here.Unusual bulidng properties?Additional stops?Belligerent roommate?Do you need help with packing?Disassembling /reassembling?Does either your "from" or "to" building need us to add them to your insurance?

Moving is a big decision, let College Storage Group make the process easier. We are equipped to handle local moves of any size. Our movers load, transport and unload all your belongings with the utmost care and also provide moving boxes upon request. We have a very detailed form for your local move request to ensure that we meet your needs to the best of your expectations. Please fill out this form and lets get moving today!